This blog is dedicated to the arts, literary and film art in particular; but also to the artist themselves.  From the Arts and the lives of the artist, we can find a kind of universal wisdom to help us in our own lives.  One of the arts that I admire is the oral tradition of story telling. Blogging is a kind of storytelling that is a new medium for me.  I am still learning as I go; so, if things looks a bit odd, I hope you will forgive this newbie.

This blog started as a challenge from My Peak Challenge (MPC). This is a combination of healthy living and charity funding for cancer research.  They challenge all participants to go out of their comfort zone and try anything positive that they have made excuses not to do in the past.  In another words, they motivated us to do what we have been wanting to do and did not.   Writing this blog started as my challenge; but, it soon became my passion.