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I was Tagged by Blogger, Gill, from the  Realweegiemidget blog site. She is a wonderful blogger and friend who has taken me under her wing as a newbie blogger.  Without her and MPC (My Peak Challenge), I would not have had the courage to blog. Like most of you, I love movies; so before I even dreamed about blogging, I followed Gill’s hilarious and informative blog posts which centered on movie reviews from the 1980s to the present. I learned a great deal from this “expat” from Scotland who lives in Finland with her “Darlin’ husband and super cool Step-Dudes.”  I also want to mention that she gave me an appreciation for the T.V. Show Dallas.

Gill awarded me and other bloggers an Entertainment award. All I have to do is answer ten questions about my favorite movies: So here they are. Some these questions focused on Christmas movies and the other did not. The title of the question is typed in red lettering and the actual question is typed in blue.

Here are My Movie Mentions/ Favorites: 

Note: The first 3 questions are Christmas/ Holiday Related ….movies can be of any genre or year.

  1. All I Want For Christmas is You/ Which DVD/Blu-Ray would you like to receive this year?

I know this looks more like Holoween instead of Christmas presents; but, I love these old classic horror films. These two collections came out in May of 2017 on Blue-Ray.  Both have 6 movies a piece. The last movie has comic duo Abbott and Costello meeting these monsters.

A) The Mummy Complete Legacy Collection (2017)  There are six Movies from 1932 – 1955. .

B) Dracula Complete Legacy Collection (2017)  There are six Movies from 1931 – 1938.

2) Jingle Bell Rock/ What is your Favorite soundtrack or song from a Christmas film?

A) Charlie Brown Christmas  (1965) I love the jazzy soundtrack to this television special; so, I had to include it. Guaraldi’s music really sets the mood and reminds me my Christmases as a child. Plus, it is great to listen to while you are wrap presents.

4DC4C256-36CD-4DCE-82E7-30E2ED651145B) Scrooge (1970) Great songs to compliment Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. Strangely, my favorite tune is “Thank you Very Much.” It is sung in a possible future at Scrooge’s funeral…meaning, he done a nice thing by dying.  Horrible I Know; but, great song.


3) Let it Snow/ What are your 3 of your favorite Holiday Movies? 

A) Christmas Vacation (1989) Need I say more.  This one hit home about family gatherings over the Holidays. It humorously captured the stress of the Holiday.  When Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) frantically declares that his family was on “the threshold of Hell,” I knew that this was my number # 1 Christmas movie.


B) The Lost Christmas (2011) This is an unusual Holiday movie.  It is gritty, mysterious and magical at the same time. Eddie Izzard stars as a homeless man who wakes up without prior knowledge about himself; but, who understands and “knows things” about the perfect strangers around him.


C) Miracle on 34th Street (1947) Edmund Gwen’s portrayal of St. Nick is perfect. I used to believe that he was Santa Claus, moonlighting on a movie set.  This lovely story of a child’s need to believe in Santa Claus is just sublime.  Watching adorable Natalie Wood, and the beautiful Maureen O’Hara and handsome, John Payne only adds to the charm of this sweet Christmas movie.



4) Donald Trump/ List A film that divides opinion…

I picked Locke (2014) as my dividing movie. During the whole movie, Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is driving his car on a journey that he is not sure he wants to take; but, he knows he must.  We listen in on his phone conversations for 90 minutes as he is pressured to meet several deadlines at the same time. We listen in as he solves problems and makes life altering decisions with people from every corner of his life, past and present.

I thought it was a brilliant piece film making; and, Tom Hardy’s performance is totally mesmerizing and believable as Locke. I admired Ivan Locke; and, more importantly, I cared for him. Hardy deserved at least a nod from the Academy for this performance.

Even though I loved the creative way this movie was made, not every one felt the same way.  Many thought it was boring and a total waste of time. Hence, a movie that divides us.


5) Brexit/ What is your Favorite British Film…

Shakespeare in Love (1998) has all the things I love to see in a movie: the Arts, romance, humor, history, great acting, lovely costumes, and gorgeous settings.  And as if that was not enough, Shakespeare’s sonnets and poetry 🙂


6) Fidel Castro | A film that divides opinion…/ Which film do consider as culturally significant?

The Big Lembowski (1998) is a comedy/crime drama by the Cohen Brothers.  It was a flop when it was first released.  It was ten years later before it became a cult movie. Now, this movie has a c following that the Rocky Horror Picture Show people would envy.  The Dude (Jeff Bridges) just wants to get his frickin’ rug back:  That’s all, mannnn. It’s all about the Dude and his friends who just want to bowl; but life keeps throwing unexpected bowling balls curve balls at their “just is” happy philosophy.  But, the “Dude Abides” after a decade and now, according to the Rolling Stone, The Big Lembowski is “the most most worshipped comedy of its generation.” That rocks!


7) Starbucks/ What is your Favorite Film Franchise?



Yes, it is coming back for a 5th installment.  The action packed franchise will once again save the world. Too bad all the adventure is in the past.    Reports have confirmed the Older Indy (Harrison Ford) will be cracking his whip once more for his fans as he dodges snakes and crazy fascists.

8) McDonald’s Happy Meal/ Your Favorite Childhood Film?

Doctor Suess’ book is wonderful as it teaches children (and some adults) the true meaning of the Christmas spirit.  I adore the television version of How The Ginch Stole Christmas (1964) and Ron Howard’s movie The Ginch (2000) version with Funny man, Jim Carry.


9) ‘Cheeky Nandos’/ What is your Favorite Comedy?A

Here I go again. I love these old monster movies. Who to better spoof them than funny man, Mel Brook: a comedic genius.  He spoofed two classic horror movies, Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935) in this one movie. Due to this comedy, I still cannot listen to the song, Puttin’ on The Ritz, without busting out in laughter. RIP Peter Boyle, Gene Wilder, Marty Feldmen, Terri Garr, Madeline Kahn, and Kenneth Mars.


10) A Must See MovieWhich  film would you want all of your followers to watch?

Any movie with John Garfield.  No great actor should ever be forgotten.

Here is a list of Garfield movies on the following link:

The flowing information is for tagged bloggers only!

The Tagged Bloggers Are:

  1. Ruth at Silver Screenings
  2. Mike at Mike’s Take on The Movies
  3. Crystal at In Old Days of Classic Hollywood
  4. Auroras at Once Upon a Screen
  5. Kristina at Speakeasy
  6. Kgothatjo at KG’s Movie Rants
  7. Charlene at Charlene’s Mostly Classic Movie Reviews
  8. Fritzi at Movies Silently

Now, that you know who Tagged me, most of you are probably wondering what this is all about. Okay, in a nutshell, according to the forces of the universe in Social Media, getting your blog Mentioned and Tagged is a good thing. It could expose your site to more readers. Plus, it helps us to better network within our blogging community. In addition, it allows bloggers to say a friendly Hello and get to know some of their peers. Either way, it is a fun way to recognize other bloggers wh you love to read.

I hope you join in the fun and write a post (copy and paste, if you like) and Tag 8 other bloggers. In your post please say who tagged you (me) and something kind about my blog or why you follow me. Below, I will share with you all, my category favorites.

Remember, the 8 Bloggers you Tag will Tag you back and share something about your blog in their post. Once you post your favorite films in the list provided, don’t forget to tag me too. I look forward to reading your lists!

Please copy and paste as much as you like of this post to help you organize your Tagging post for others, especially the questions template for the various categories. There is a “clean” one at the end of this post.

So looking forward to reading your replies… now you’ve been tagged!!!!

And the template…. Cut and Paste (or write in your time)

All I Want For Christmas is You | Which DVD/Blu-Ray would you like to receive this year?

Jingle Bell Rock | Favorite soundtrack or song from a Christmas film?

Let it Snow | 3 of your favorite Christmas films…

Donald Trump | A film that divides opinion…

Brexit | Favorite British Film…

Fidel Castro | A film that divides opinion… A film considered culturally significant

Starbucks | Favorite Film Franchise…

McDonald’s Happy Meal | Favorite Childhood Film…

‘Cheeky Nandos’ | Favorite Comedy

One film you want all of your followers to watch…

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  1. Awesome!! I love the way the categories are written haha. Starbucks aka Favourite Franchise – super cute! I will definitely give these questions a think and post answers in the coming days, and thanks for the tag! 🙂

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