Upcoming 2018 Blogathons

Here’s the tentative 2018 schedule of Blogathons and with their topics.  This will be updated as more Blogathons become available😜

Banners: Tentative Posts for future Blogathons

April 2018

Film Topic: Barbarella (1968)

May 2018: Maybe next year??? 2019

I didn’t have time to work on the duos this year. I am hoping next year.

June 2018

The topic is Robert Redford in 1962 Twilight Zone Episode

August 2018: The Indomitable Lee Grant

August 2018: The Indomitable Lee Grant

Lee Grant is a fascinating topic for a Blogathon. Gill at Reelweegiemidget is hosting. Lee Grant is an Oscar winning actress who was blacklisted in the 50s and whose career has miraculously survived. She is a rare actress who has directed in several mediums on various projects. I am looking forward to writing about her.

My film topic is on a lovable “stinker” that was a failed reboot of a Charlie Chan movie: Charlie Chan And The Curse of The Dragon Queen (1981).


This Blogathon is on one of my favorite actors: Joseph Cotton. So, happy that Maddy and Chrystal decided to host it. I want to write a post on one of his movies that I have not seen before. It is from the 1950s: A Killer is Loose (1956). I am so looking forward to writing this one 😊

November 2018: The WWI Blogathon

November 10th and 11th

Maddy is hosting this Blogathon from MaddyLoves Her Classic Films. All wars are sad and at times, unavoidable like WWII with stopping Hitler, Mussolini and Japan from world domination. However,WWI was an avoidable war. It produced never-ending tragic tales of inhuman acts.

My film topic is Gallipoli (1981). It is an Australian film directed by Peter Weir that I believe is one of the best films ever made about war.

January  17 – 20 of 2018

Pay Christmas Forward Blogathon


This is a Gift from Christmas Past (2017) using the 12 Days of Christmas Theme.

My Topic: Starz Outlander Seasons 1-3

I love this series so much that the Blogathon hostess, Gill Jacob from Realweegiemidget, choose it for me…God Bless Her😊

If you are an Outlander Fan or just a curious reader, I hope you come back for this Christmas Past Theme of Outlander Based on The Twelve Days Of Christmas.

🚫Sorry this post did not publish until January 26th. Unfortunately, there was an family emergency that delayed my completion for the 17 – 20.🚫

Thank you readers for your patience🌻

January 29th to 31st


I still miss Robin Williams.  Thankfully, he left us an abundance of his work to view over and over. I am so happy Gill and Crystal hosted the first ever Blogathon of him. At least, the first Blogathon that I have ever seen. Since, my blog is all about lessons learned through the arts, I decided to write about my impression of Williams and those who influenced him. I wish to focus on one of his minor roles (he was not even credited for it) in the movie Dead Again and his last film.

February9th -11th 2018

O Canada 🇨🇦 Blogathon


This blog post will be dedicated to one of my favorite Canadians: William Shatner. I am a bit nervous writing about him. Yes, I crushed on him as Captain James T. Kirk, enjoyed watching him as TJ Hooker, and laughed at him as Denny Crane on BostonLegal. I have watched his Star Trek movies; and, I have read some his books (crime series and personal autobiographical books). And for all of this, I also follow him on Twitter. Okay, I joined his fan club too. However, I do not profess to be an expert on the life of William Shatner. I have never gone to any Comic Con or bought any of his music.

I do have my impressions and opinions. It is true, most people love him, many admire him, and yet; a few people may even loathe him. What I can say? He is one of those people who can bring out the best or worst in people. I hope dear reader you will enjoy reading this post in February.

This one I had to put on a “back burner.” I couldn’t quite finish it…sometimes, there are events in ones life that requires every ounce of your being. So, Hopefully, in 2019, I can enter this post in the O Canada Blogathon.

February 12th – 14th

The Singing Sweethearts Blogathon


Tiffany from PEPS is hosting this Blogathon. Since, it is so close to the date of the Canadian Blogathon, I considered using the same topic. However, that wasn’t working out and for good reason.

So, I am going to watch Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy film and watch them swoon over each other through the gift of song.

February 23rd – 25th


This is Oscar month for the 2017 movies.  Hosting The 31 Days Of Oscar Blogathon are three bloggers:  Aurora of Once Upon A Scene, Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled (@Irishjayhawk66), and Paula of Paula’sCinema Club (@Paula_Guthat).

I have not decided what topic I should pick.  Last year, I wrote about John Garfield and his Oscar snubs. These Year I may take a closer look at one of the nominees for Best Actress and Best Actor. Once I decide, I will update my topic.

March 9th -11th

The Time Travel Blogathon

Time Travel Banner

For this Blogathon, I will be writing about the movie Timeline (2003).  Time travel the scientific way. It stars hunky GerardButler and the late PaulWalker. It has other wonderful actors too. Frances O’Connor, Sir Billy Connelly, David Thewlis and Michael Sheen.  It based on a novel by Michael Crichton and screenplay written by Jeff Maguire.

March12th – 14th

Michael Cain Blogathon


The subperbly, smooth, calm and chic Michael Crane. I admire the actor and the man very much.  He is one of those few famous people who has learn from his mistakes which is perfect for my Lessons blog. I am excited about writing this post. I will look at a couple of his films and compare the range of the star to the actor.  I hope you check out his films too.  They are extremely entertaining.


2017 Blogathon List

January 16th – 18th 2017

This is a nice start to the new year: A blogathon dedicated to the one and only lovely Carol Lombard. It is hosted by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies.  My Movie pick is an unusual screwball comedy called Swing High, Swing Low (1937) With one of my favorite actors Fred MacMurray.

February 19th to 21st 2017

My next blog will visit the iconic comedian, Buster Keaton.  This is a celebration of the 100th year of his movie shorts. It is hosted by Silent-ology.  I do not know too much about his work. The first movie I remember seeing him in was, Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Forum (1968).  It made a huge impact on me. I have heard everyone sing his praises; so, I felt this would give me an opportunity to learn more about this Hollywood legend.

March 6th  – 10th, 2017

There are two separate blogathons. One, Unsung Heroes, allows bloggers to praise the artistic work of others that may have been ignored by the Academy Awards.  This is hosted by K.G. Rants.  At the top of my list is John Garfield.  I believe the Academy should honor his memory because of his contributions to film and the film industry at large. The other Blogathon is called The Original Rebel Blogathon by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies. Again, I chose John Garfield because he was the first to introduce the Method acting on film.

March 24th – 26th The month of March couldn’t end without the marvellous Bette Davis.

Movie, Movie, Blog, Blog asked bloggers to post about a movie where rain is an essential element to the scene. My Movie pick is Pride and Prejudice (2005). The rain in the proposal scene essentially expresses the emotions of the two main characters.

April 15th to 17th

I am going to examine a comedy drama, Born Yesterday (1950) with William Holden.  He tutors “Dumb Blonde” Judy Holiday (she won an Oscar for this role).

April 24th, 2017

I am going to examine Jack Nicholson’s Goin’ South.  He starred and Directed this Western comedy.  It is pure Nicholson at high speed!

April 28th, 2017

In this blogathon, bloggers are are asked to write a post about their favorite film villain.  This was a though one; but if I have to choose one, I have to go with Vincent Price.

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