Why now? Why a Blog? My Peak Challenge 2016

I have two excellent reasons. However, I wll address only one for now. I think it is only proper and right to give credit where credit is due. This blog was started as a personal challenge through a group known as My Peak Challenge (MPC). For those who are not familar with this group, this is my briefest explaination: it a fundraiser for Bloodwise. Bloodwise is a UK cancer foundation and research organization. They work to find cures for 137 different blood cancers.

I first joined in 2014. I heard about  MPC through it’s founder, actor Sam Heughan. He is best known in his role as Jamie Fasier on monster hit: Outlander.The show is on cable networks: Starz and and Showcase. Both are owned by Sony. Outlander is Starz’s most successful show to date. During the show’s first season, the stars of the show went on various pubicity junkets to gain and attract new viewers. During some interviews, Sam Heughan would encourge his fans to join him in raising money for Bloodwise, by joining his team, 2014 MPC.

I can’t remember the exact cost to join, less than $40.00; but, most of the proceeds went to Bloodwise.  By joining, each person recieved a box that contained: a Bear Strenght tee shirt with the MPC emblem on the front (pocket size) and back, MPC braclet, and a copy of a signed photo of Sam. To organize and prepare his team to complete in and raise money for Bloodwise, Heughan teamed up with his friend and trainer, John Valbonesi who owns a Glasgow gym: Fight Camp (now known as Everyman Gym/ Fightclub). John provided the conditioning and strengthening exercise-videos on You Tube. This helped prepared members (Peakers) for the physical challenges (Peaks). It could include hiking, camping, mountain climbing, marathon races, any sport …). It was always stressed that the challenge must be set by each member according to their ability. In other words, the Peak climbed for some members might be taking the stairs or walking to the end of a street.

When  Heughan and Valbonesi teamed up, they also gained the sponsorship of a popular British sports clothes line: Bear Strentgh. Members communicated through Twitter, email or left comments on You Tube. In year 2014 – 2015, MPC raised over $60,000. The original goal was $10,000

By 2015, MPC evolved into so much more than just raising cancer and health awareness, collecting funds, increasing membership and participating in sporting events. By 2015, it challenged each member to not only to create a healthier lifestyle, while working with a team or individually, but to set personal goals that worked the mind and heart. A Cross Fit of the entire person, soul included.

 In order to accomplish this, a health program was designed and a Facebook group was added and managed by Jordanna Brown, John Valbonesi, and at times Sam Heughan, himself. The MPC prep course has been the best health support system that I have ever seen. People felt safe and really opened up by discussing and listening to sound advice.

Sam Heughan and Jon Valbonesi (Valbo) created a prep health program that was down loaded to your PC. It has, in detail, the first complete month. Later, this can be explaned to 3 months or even much longer. It included a written member guide, video guide,  food logs, macro diet suggestions, and even menus with shopping list. The program is a well planned and effectively complete health program. Once the program is downloade, Peakers are invited to join  MPC support group. This provided a place of support and accountability. You could share your achievements, failures, concerns, on a myriad of topics that had a personal impact on you.

The Prep program itself begins with an introduction that includes explicit instructions on how to use the program. Eventually,as you watch the video instructions, you find yourself intently listening to Sam’s sultry voiced instructions. Sam and Valbo begin their chat in the kitchen.  Finally, they demonstrate exercises in the gym. Yes ladies, it is a swoon fest!  By the way, Jon Valbonesi has a charming and enthusiastic Scottish accent too. This coaching team is funny, inspirational, motivational, and educational. For the women members, the videos alone was already worth the price of admission (joining), around $89.00 US.  Remember, most of the proceeds goes to Bloodwise. The 2015 – 2016 campaign also included a new box of gifts, similar to the 2014-2015 box too. So, MPC in 2015 to 2016 not 0nly gained a Prep Program but a another sponsor as well. The Box, an exercise (Cross Fit) magazine.

MPC improved by utilizing the FaceBook page. Women and men opened up with honest discussions where everyone wants to support each other’s successes and failures.  Regardless how healthy or unhealthy the member, each, had common goals: raise money to eradicate cancer, challenge yourself to be better at every level while at the same time lovingly supportiing  each other’s efforts. The coaching team of Sam, Valbo, and Jordanna Brown constantly advise and motivate MPC members. Joanna does most of the posts on FaceBook and twitter; but, all coaches interact at some point.

In addition to the Prep Program, FaceBook, and The Box, the goals for 2015- 2016 Peakers included non-athletic challenges. By challenging yourself everyday, you become a better version of you! By stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action on a dream, wish, or passion, you evolve into a better you. This is where my blog on life lessons is created.

To date, MPC has raised over $200,000. By the end of May or beginning of June, the final numbers will be tallied and reported for 2016. I predict they will have collected over a quarter of a million dollars: $250,0 0 0 at the end of this year’s campaign.

So, my personal challenge has begun. I have taken my first step. I have actually written my first blog. I hope I get much better at it with practice.

💠 What have I learned? Someone that you have never met can have an enormous, positive impact on your life. Challenge yourself everyday💠

If anyone is interested in checking out the new program this year, MPC 2017…here is the web site 😊





6 thoughts on “Why now? Why a Blog? My Peak Challenge 2016

  1. Love your blog. The idea of being connected to everything around us is something I truly believe. I have an ability to be deeply affected by negative energy and have to guard myself against toxic things or people. On the other hand it is a blessing to have someone cross your path who makes you stop and think. Or feel something new or forgotten. Life is a journey.


    1. Thanks Debbie for your lovely comments. I so appreciate that you understand what I mean by the negative and positive forces that constantly interact with us. Life is a journey, but always pay attention where you are going. It is no good to go backwards..It is counter productive 😊


  2. Very well written and informative. As an Outlander fan I knew about My Peak Challenge but didn’t realize how much the project has achieved.


    1. Thanks again Joanne. It is the best experience…while I am helping myself to be a better person, I am helping find a cure for cancer for others. It is a great feeling and with Sam Heughan in the lead how can it not be a great experience? LOL
      They are getting ready to launch 2017. You might want to think about joining us 😊


  3. Interesting write-up!! I never knew Sam Heughan funded a cancer research centre. Never heard of Jon Valbonesi or Jordanna Brown, till now!!
    But the main point of the title, I am not sure I properly grasped. So the MPC challenged you to start a Blog, is that why you started it??? Am I correct??
    Love your “positive” quote at the end!! 🙂


    1. Thank you Nuwan Sen,
      I love to hear feedback🙌
      Yes, MPC does encourage and support physical and mental well being. You set the goals; they do not. They understand the importance of your emotional health being connected to your over all physical health. It is body, mind and spirit. So, they know you must change to acquire it. So, MPC encourages setting mental goal challenges too. It is healthy to venture a bit out of your comfort zone. This year, I want to increase the number of posts I write, and I want to spend more time on the piano…You can have a goal or goals. Some people want to run in a 5 mile race because they always wanted to but never did.
      It has to be something you always thought about doing but never took the action try it.
      This year the program costs around $99.00.
      It came to $105.00 after taxes. One half the money goes to Bloodwise (cancer research). Many members establish a goal to collect money for cancer research through their talents or goals. This is for what you are comfortable with. Their are only winners in this program because you tried. It is the best health program that I have ever been part of. I hope you can join. You might want to check them out on Facebook or Twitter.
      Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment. I hope you have a great day xx

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