My Peak Challenges That Supports Blood Cancer Research From 2014 – 2019 (Not a Journal)

Updates for 2019 are located near the end of this post.

Exciting Results For 2018:

Founder of My Peak Challenge: Sam Heughan

Why This Blog Was Created?

This blog started as a personal challenge through a health/charity group known as My Peak Challenge (MPC). For those who are not familiar with this group, briefly, it is a fundraiser for cancer research in order to find blood cancer cure (Bloodwise); in addition, it motivates its members to set personal goals for their personal best in body, mind and spirit.  This is accomplished through suggested guidelines. These guidelines include meal plans, with recipes, an on-line exercise program, constant group support and coaching using various social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Regardless of what level you are physically, mentally or spiritually, everyone is challenged to grow and achieve more.

I first joined in 2014. I heard about  MPC through it’s founder, actor Sam Heughan. He is best known in his role as Jamie Fasier on monster hit: Outlander.  Outlander is Starz’s most successful show to date. During the show’s first season, the stars, producers, and author, Diana Gabaldon, of the book series went on various publicity junkets to gain and attract new viewers. During some interviews, Sam Heughan would encourage his fans to join him in raising money for Bloodwise.  Most of the fee money went directly to Bloodwise research.  You can read more about Heughan and Bloodwise using the next two links:

A personal page on the Bloodwise on-line site


In the first year, membership cost less than $40.00. Nearly all the proceeds from membership salez went to the charity.  By joining, each person received a goodie box that contained: a Bear Strenght tee shirt with the MPC emblem on the front (pocket size) and back, MPC awareness wristband, and a copy of a signed photo of Sam Heughan. That first year we were encouraged to sign up for runs or to organize some kind of fund raising event. To help the members to build stamina and strength, Heughan teamed up with his friend and trainer, John Valbonesi who owns a Glasgow gym: Fight Camp (now known as Everyman Gym/ Fightclub). John provided the conditioning and strengthening exercise-videos on You Tube. This helped prepared members (Peakers) for the physical challenges (Peaks). These events might be include hiking, camping, mountain climbing, marathon races, any sport …). It was always stressed that the challenge must be set by each member according to their ability and members must discuss their program with their doctors to make their goal and Peak program is adjusted properly for them.  In other words, the Peak climbed for some members might be hiking a Munro (mountain) or taking the stairs or just walking to the end of a street.

When  Heughan and Valbonesi teamed up, they also gained the sponsorship of a popular British sports clothes line: Bear Strentgh. Members communicated through Twitter, email or left comments on You Tube. In year 2014 – 2015, MPC raised over $60,000. The original goal was $10,000

By 2015, MPC evolved into so much more than just raising cancer and health awareness, collecting funds, increasing membership and participating in sporting events. By 2015, it challenged each member to not only to create a healthier lifestyle, while working with a team or individually, but to set personal goals that worked the mind and heart. A Cross Fit of the entire person, soul included.

 In order to accomplish this, a health program was designed and a Facebook group was added and managed by Jordanna Brown, John Valbonesi, and visited by Sam Heughan, himself. The MPC prep course has been the best health support system that I have ever seen. People feel safe and really open up by discussing and listening to each other’s concerns and sound advice.


By 2016, Sam Heughan and Jon Valbonesi (Valbo), and others created a day by day, the whole year health program.  This program is down loaded to your PC or tablet or phone.  It has, in detail, the first complete month of meal plans, training manual and exercise program. Basically it includes a written member guide, video guide, food logs, macro diet suggestions, and even menus with shopping list. The program is a well planned and effective. All Peakers are invited to join  MPC social media support groups. This provides not only a place of support but also accountability. Here, you can share your achievements, failures, concerns, on a myriad of topics that has had a personal impact on you.

The first Prep program video began in the kitchen.  If you think about it, this is where all health matters begin.  What food you put in your body should be nourishing and hopefully, delicious. Heughan looks very comfortable in a kitchen.  He loves food and you sense he probably enjoys cooking.  Since he is so comfortable, other aspects of his personality shines through. Both men, Sam and Jon, are very personable and humorous.  Characteristics they both shared in abundance. While they film in the kitchen, you actually sense their excitement and joy in sharing this unique program. They are proud to not only fight cancer but help thousands of people in one way or other in their personal lives. Of course, they have every right to be proud. MPC is truly a “gift that keeps giving.” It will change your life and other people’s lives for the better, if you want it.

Finally, Jon Valbonesi motivates, explains, and demonstrates how to effectively do each exercise. It is easy to understand why Jon’s gym in Glasgow, Scotland is so successful. Everyone on the MPC coaching team is funny, inspirational, motivational, and educational.  The 2016 – 2017 membership fee is around $89.00 US.  Yes, the cost of membership has increased but so has the organization itself.  Even so, one thing didn’t change: most of the proceeds goes to Bloodwise. For each yearly MPC campaign, a box of goodies is sent to each member


MPC improved by utilizing the FaceBook page. Women and men opened up with honest discussions where everyone wants to support each other’s successes and failures.  Regardless how healthy or unhealthy the member, each, had common goals: raise money to eradicate cancer, challenge yourself to be better at every level while at the same time lovingly supportiing  each other’s efforts. The coaching team of Sam, Valbo, and Jordanna Brown constantly advise and motivate MPC members. Joanna does most of the posts on FaceBook and twitter; but, all coaches interact at some point.

In addition to the Prep Program, FaceBook, and The Box, the goals for 2015- 2016 Peakers included non-athletic challenges. By challenging yourself everyday, you become a better version of you! By stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action on a dream, wish, or passion, you evolve into a better you. This is where my blog on life lessons is created.

To date, MPC has raised over $200,000. By the end of May or beginning of June, the final numbers will be tallied and reported for 2016. I predict they will have collected over a quarter of a million dollars.  I was a little off.  It was actually $200,000 at the end of 2015-2016 campaign.

So, my personal challenge has begun. I have taken my first step. I have actually written my first blog. I hope I get much better at it with practice.


2019 will made my fifth year joining this program. It has helped me in so many ways that I could not even imaged. No, I don’t weigh 120 pounds; but, that’s my choice. My mind set is making goals to make me happier by learning new things and sharing that with other members who are working at their goals.

Am I healthier than I was four years ago? Absolutely, yes! More importantly, I feel better and I enjoy my life more. Even if I don’t climb mountains or run in marathons, I physically move more than I did four years ago. I get a lot out of this positivity that is embedded in this program. However you look at it, I have spent far more for a lot less…never, forgetting the best part. It is a charity to support research for blood diseases: Bloodwise.

If anyone is interested in checking out the new program this year, MPC 2019 here is the web site. This site is available now. For first time members, you start in January. For those who have been members, it starts in February.

Also, it is a bit different this time in the way it is set up. From what I understand, it is divided in sections during the year. It is to help people who need to stop and come back to it. It’s all new; but, it sounds like a good change.

If you have questions, you can tweet to the source itself at: @MyPeakChallenge

Some information and links:

To Begin the New Year of MPC 2019 … Every Day for a month, do 100 of something in seconds, minutes, or in repetitions.

11 thoughts on “My Peak Challenges That Supports Blood Cancer Research From 2014 – 2019 (Not a Journal)

  1. Love your blog. The idea of being connected to everything around us is something I truly believe. I have an ability to be deeply affected by negative energy and have to guard myself against toxic things or people. On the other hand it is a blessing to have someone cross your path who makes you stop and think. Or feel something new or forgotten. Life is a journey.


    1. Thanks Debbie for your lovely comments. I so appreciate that you understand what I mean by the negative and positive forces that constantly interact with us. Life is a journey, but always pay attention where you are going. It is no good to go backwards..It is counter productive 😊


  2. Very well written and informative. As an Outlander fan I knew about My Peak Challenge but didn’t realize how much the project has achieved.


    1. Thanks again Joanne. It is the best experience…while I am helping myself to be a better person, I am helping find a cure for cancer for others. It is a great feeling and with Sam Heughan in the lead how can it not be a great experience? LOL
      They are getting ready to launch 2017. You might want to think about joining us 😊


  3. Interesting write-up!! I never knew Sam Heughan funded a cancer research centre. Never heard of Jon Valbonesi or Jordanna Brown, till now!!
    But the main point of the title, I am not sure I properly grasped. So the MPC challenged you to start a Blog, is that why you started it??? Am I correct??
    Love your “positive” quote at the end!! 🙂


    1. Thank you Nuwan Sen,
      I love to hear feedback🙌
      Yes, MPC does encourage and support physical and mental well being. You set the goals; they do not. They understand the importance of your emotional health being connected to your over all physical health. It is body, mind and spirit. So, they know you must change to acquire it. So, MPC encourages setting mental goal challenges too. It is healthy to venture a bit out of your comfort zone. This year, I want to increase the number of posts I write, and I want to spend more time on the piano…You can have a goal or goals. Some people want to run in a 5 mile race because they always wanted to but never did.
      It has to be something you always thought about doing but never took the action try it.
      This year the program costs around $99.00.
      It came to $105.00 after taxes. One half the money goes to Bloodwise (cancer research). Many members establish a goal to collect money for cancer research through their talents or goals. This is for what you are comfortable with. Their are only winners in this program because you tried. It is the best health program that I have ever been part of. I hope you can join. You might want to check them out on Facebook or Twitter.
      Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment. I hope you have a great day xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, I am currently debating whether or not I shall join MPC… It seems a very interesting project, but the fact i need to pay such a large sum makes me wonder whether it’s really worth it… I’d love to know if you think it’s worth it or not, aren’t goals things I could achieve in private for free as well? I’d like to get fit too, but I’m just not that active of a person either, will I be able to keep up?

    Thanks in advance for you answer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Celine
      Thank you for asking. It is a bit costly; but, what you receive in return is priceless. First and foremost this is a charity. Fifty percent of your dues goes directly to Bloodwise research and Marie Curie (hospice). Secondly, you have several coaches who are available to answer your questions on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you have thousands of women and some men who are working on their goals too. The MPC support is like no other. As a member, we encourage one another in all aspects of our lives. It is a “safe” place to share your concerns with people who have the same concerns and/or more difficult ones. By sharing, you receive phenomenal coaching and support from fellow Peakers. Believe it or not; but, people have actually made lifelong friends from all over the world. It is easy to do because these are great people trying to better themselves and love supporting others in their goals too. However, that is all up to you and your comfort levels. Many people join local groups of Peakers who live near them. In February, MPC will provide meal plans for the year that you tweak to your liking. They also provide a workout plan and videos to help you work out 🏋️‍♀️ and adjust as needed, for everyday of the year. You should never feel you are going it alone as a Peaker. If money is a issue, there are “Angels” who donate money to help pay the dues for members who are in a bind for the expense. No matter your age, except if you are under 18, you can do this program in any physical condition; however, always check with your doctor before starting the program, especially if you have severe health problems. The beauty of this “solid” program is you will not be doing it alone. Another joy of being a MPC member: while helping yourself, you are helping others, in the program and for the charity. This really is an outstanding program. You can contact MPC on twitter to ask questions about the program and what you need to do to become a member (@MyPeakChallenge) or any other issues you wish to discuss. I wish you much success in your goals and challenges. However, It would be great if you do decide to join and become a Peaker too.😊


  5. Hi Katrina, How have I missed this until tonight? Since my father died of multiple myeloma, I want to learn more about this. Right now other expenses make it impossible for me to join, but I’ll definitely look into it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Janet🌷😊 I am very sorry to hear about Father. When you ready, you can ask for an angel sponsor. These are women who volunteers membership for those who cannot afford sponsorship at this time. It’s only a suggestion. I thank you for the interest my friend😊 Have a great week 💕


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